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LEGENDS S2 Finale: Episode 210 "The Legend of Alexei Volkov" Summary & Brief Review

Official synopsis: In present day Prague, Martin makes a deal with the Russians to rescue Kate. Meanwhile, President Arsanov's plan for Kate is moving forward in Chechnya. Gabi struggles to decide what to do about her husband. In 2004, Dmitry asks one last favor of Terrence. And in a flashback to 1972, the last pieces of the puzzle to understanding Martin Odum's true identity are revealed.


WHAT a finale!!! All the currently known pieces are put together, we finally see the whole picture as presented this series, Martin Odum's origins. For this finale, I'm going to do the summary by people instead of by timeframe.

Gabi Miskova: she is disgusted by behaviour of bribe-taking hubby District Attorney Krystof Blazek, has him arrested. Yet it is revealed that she committed adultery with Ballard when she visited the US, told him she had married the wrong man.

Curtis Ballard: now missing a leg, he is relegated to unsatisfactory desk work within the FBI, despite having passed field tests. He was happy that Gabi visited him, finally rejected his Mormon religious hangups and fully enjoyed her company as both of them had wanted from their first meeting.

Terrence Graves: Alexei's MI6 mentor and spy handler. British double agent for the Russian KGB, all because he didn't want to be outed as gay. As already seen, ends up with dementia and put in a nursing home by his family. However, dementia was already onset in 2004. His memory lapses were the main cause of Martin's fail to leave MI6 and his subsequent disastrous assignment in Iraq as John Cameron. He finally confessed all the truth to his wife, but she dismissed it as a figment of his mental degeneration.

Dmitry Petrovich: with Ilyana for 3 years after 2001 events but was tired of playing the part, wanted to tell the truth, get out of spying. Terrence disagreed. Dmitry ended up pushing her away, telling her he never wanted to see her again, that everything he told her was a lie. Yet he tried once more to break free, got money for Terrence to hide for him so he, Ilyana, and Katya could escape.

Ilyana Zakayeva Crawford: reached London safely. After Dmitry left, the Russians threatened her and Kate, to make sure. This is why she was so frightened intially to talk to Martin. At the end, Martin wanted to be with her and Kate, but couldn't because of the Russian deal. And her marriage.

Kate (Katya Zakayeva) Crawford: Kate tried everything she could think of to stop the marriage, including saying she wasn't a virgin. To no avail. Arsanov returned to Chechnya and the marriage was performed, but with consummation looming, she couldn't wait for rescue any longer, took matters literally into her own hands by stabbing Arsanov in the neck with a table knife. Then Martin burst in to help her. They successfully escaped to the waiting helicopter, and she got away safely, went home.

Martin Odum: with the complete file from the Russians in front of him, Martin relearned his past real life as Alexei Volkov, recruited from his family as a young lad by Hugh Sedley, also a British double agent for the KGB. He had this bright idea that the perfect double agent could be created from childhood. Alex Reed was his star pupil, growing up British right through to University, yet expected to be loyal to the KGB once hired by the government and things were explained. That is where Terrence Graves came into the picture as his mentor. Then the Russians tell him he is still a KGB agent over anything else, but they will help him rescue Kate if he kills Arsanov. Martin makes double sure of Kate's safety by telling MI6 & CIA to have a helicopter rescue for her. CIA Nina offers, but no help for himself. When he gets to Chechnya, and into the palace, he finds that Kate has already stabbed Arsanov. He got Kate out cleanly & away, but the Russians insist he remain with them. They put him in prison, but since he wasn't the one that killed Arsanov, say he can go free if he works for them. He will not. And that's where we last see Alexei, whom we've known as Martin Odum.

WOW! So, we are led to believe that Alex/Martin was a Russian KGB agent from the very beginning. While it's true they did do such things, I'm not buying this for a single minute, since Howard Gordon had laid out 7 potential series for LEGENDS. And since we're abruptly introduced to Martin's Irish legend "Kieran," it's clear they intended on doing a Series 3. Yes, I'm still hoping!

I did read the book LEGENDS by Robert Littell, still highly recommend it as a great spy thriller, as the story is entirely different from the TV show.

Until next time!! Thank you so much for reading these reviews!!

Written by Donna DeBoer (@DRLDeBoer on Twitter)

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Happy New Year from Sean Bean Fans! What's Ahead for Sean in 2016

Thank you so much for reading this blog! Your continuing support is very appreciated, especially in thin years. I shall endeavour to keep articles as timely as possible. As mentioned on the Facebook post, so far, there is only one confirmed release for Sean in 2016 (Young Messiah), and a couple other productions remain on his slate as possibilites.

The Young Messiah
IMDb page: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1002563
Based on the fictional book Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt, by Anne Rice. Tells the story of Jesus Christ at age seven as he and his family depart Egypt to return home to Nazareth. Told from his childhood perspective, it follows young Jesus as he grows into his religious identity. Within this story, Sean plays a Roman centurion, Severus, but I'm still unsure of his exact purpose.

 Official trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVfmdLO2Ui8

Releases in the US on 11th March and at Eastertide in UK.

Enemy of Man
IMDb page: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0338258
A war hero and the lure of ambition and decent into hell. An adaption of Macbeth.

Sean is playing the lead, Macbeth. Also supposed to star Charles Dance, Rupert Grint, James D'Arcy, to name a few, a very great cast if they can get it done!

Instruments of Darkness, a 10 minute short film that was made to sell the film project, was posted to YouTube by the soundtrack composer Chris Cooper: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOBEzG-RrIk

Now listed at IMDb as "In Development" and I haven't seen an email update in quite some time. The production had a successful Kickstarter fundraiser, and last I heard it was supposed to be shooting now, winter 2016, but there has been no news.

The Untamed (Animated TV Series)
Based on The Untamed graphic novel by Sebastian A. Jones and Peter Bergting, Stranger Comics posted a pitch animation early last year which prominently featured a voiceover by Sean and with a tagline "Back from the dead" of which I'm sure they thought was very amusing. The art sure looks like Sean, at this point I'm assuming he remains involved with the production, but there's been no news since March 2015.

Here is THE UNTAMED trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9TT5G0p2gY

Sorry to say, that is it for new productions so far! I was hoping to hear something new announced during Sean's promotional appearances for the ongoing global rollout of THE FRANKENSTEIN CHRONICLES or from press at the Hollywood events he has recently attended, but there's nothing as yet. I'm hoping he is in talks right now for more work to be announced soon! Stay tuned & thanks again for reading!


Written by Donna DeBoer (@DRLDeBoer on Twitter)

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LEGENDS Episode 209 "The Legend of Gabi Miskova" Summary & Brief Review

Official synopsis: In present day Prague, Martin and Nina search for Tamir's associate Beslan in hopes of getting answers about the impending threat on the summit, as well as Kate's location. Meanwhile, two Chechen assassins put their deadly plan into action. Malika, Tamir's wife, gives Beslan orders that she thinks will save both of their lives. In 2001 Prague, Ballard confronts a life-altering injury, and Dmitry struggles to complete his mission without breaking his promise to help Ilyana and her daughter.

Things get even hairier!!
In 2001, Dmitry has just shot Ballard and took off in his car after Ilyana & Katya, who had gone with Arsanov in Dmitry's smuggler truck. He shot the driver then told Arsanov the story, which was mostly true. It was his makeshift plan to rescue Ilyana & Katya from Arsanov, as well as capture him, and it worked. Dmitry drove off with Arsanov hidden in the boot, and told Terrence what had happened. He wanted Ilyana & Katya safe before disappearing.

However, the Russians, alerted by Terrence, were waiting along the road to take Arsanov from Dmitry. Because of rescue of Curtis, Ilyana instead waited for regular police, told them her story, asked to be taken home with Katya. Tamir found out and confronts Ilyana, who tells him Doku is dead. Dmitry is horrified to learn that they went home instead of to safety. He goes there, tells Tamir mostly truth again, says he has to leave Prague because he shot Ballard. He secretly gives Ilyana another meeting point.

Elsewhere, the Russians have Arsanov, who now offer him a forced deal. Power for ending conflict. Oh, and Ballard lives, albeit without a leg. Gabi goes to talk to Ilyana but finds her & Katya gone. They get picked up by MI6, to safety. Gabi & Curtis witness the American 9/11 terrorist attack, he is ordered to abandon his Dmitry chase & return to Washington. Gabi tells him she likes him, but he thought she meant marriage.

In the present, Gabi was following leads in Prague to discover who Tamir had brought in for his apparent terrorist attack plans. They identified a few people, but the person that MI6 & CIA really wanted to shake down for info was the nephew, Beslan. They tracked him, because he didn't know his uncle was dead. Gabi was still angry with Blazek for his dealings with Tamir.

In Chechnya, Kate was desperately trying to figure out how to escape the upcoming wedding plans as well as the house. Tamir's wife Malika was smug, and suggested that she knew about Tamir's plans for Arsanov. Arsanov is in Prague for the world leader anti-terror summit (ironically), obviously he is Tamir's target, which is still unknown to the Czech security taskforce. After being chased, Beslan (a bright lad) guesses that his uncle Tamir is dead & phones Malika in Chechnya, asks what to do next. She says to change the plan, stop the assassination. How? He decides to go to the police himself. Martin finds out, his primary concern is Kate.

Gabi warns Arsanov's security, then she & MI6 Simon lean on Beslan to provide details. They get them but too late, the bomb goes off in the hotel, but Arsanov has already left. Gabi thinks it's just a diversion, asks Arsanov security where their contact point is. She goes there hoping to thwart the assassination. There's a shootout, and they do. Beslan is still being questioned, and Martin bursts in, wanting info on Kate. He roughs Beslan up, and he tells Martin where she is, as well as the plan for her. Kate is panicking that this horrible marriage to Arsanov is now going to happen. She threatens Malika, who threatens her back. Martin is beside himself trying to figure out how to rescue Kate. The CIA doesn't want to officially help. But CIA Nina is sympathetic, leaves him with some important info that he can use to get to Chechnya. He tells Ilyana that he'll find & rescue Kate, still feels something for Ilyana which is why he persists in helping. But Ilyana Crawford has a life, she has to go back. So there's only one thing that Martin can think of to do, armed with the new information- go to the Russians for help.

And... things are becoming clearer!! Will Martin reach Kate on time? We have all the known pieces now, next (and last) episode will bring it all full circle. Please watch for that summary next week! And again...


Written by Donna DeBoer (@DRLDeBoer on Twitter)

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Year In Bean 2015 - Wrapup & Summary of Sean Bean's Great Year!

Brief overview of the major productions that were enjoyed in 2015, one of Sean's busiest screen years ever! The following are listed in order of viewing, with a brief description. If you missed seeing any of these, I highly recommend watching them! And THE FRANKENSTEIN CHRONICLES is still coming to TV in much of the world, hang on, it's well worth your patience! UPDATE: at TCA16 A&E announced it as spring/summer 2016. Well, at least that narrows the field!

Sean starred as an ex-military, half bee-man & mentor Stinger Apini alongside Channing Tatum, Mila Kunis, and old friend Eddie Redmayne in this visually gorgeous, ambitious, lavishly expensive science fiction fantasy fairy tale by The Wachowskis, released worldwide in February 2015. It was panned by critics & general audiences, but I really liked it a lot.

ANY DAY (alternate title FIGHTING DEMONS)
Sean starred as Vian McLean, a boxer who had made a mistake early in life & served prison time for it. Older now, he looked to remake himself when he was released, and connected deeply with his young nephew, Jimmy, while juggling his new life's challenges. Made by Rustam Branaman, released to limited screens and DVD in March-June 2015. I liked it ok because of casting which included Eva Longoria, Paul Ben-Victor, and Tom Arnold, but not so much the story or ending.

Sean hosted this 2-part documentary made by History UK channel for the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo on 18 June 2015. I'm quite certain that Sean asked to to this, primarily because of how much he loved playing Richard Sharpe in Bernard Cornwell's TV movie adaptions for many years, as well as genuine interest in the history subject of it. I immensely enjoyed this, and I hope it gets a wider release.
A comedy by Adam Sandler, Sean was briefly seen as SAS Corporal Hill fighting big bad aliens who try to conquer Earth as 80's arcade video game incarnations such as Pacman, Centipede, Frogger, and Donkey Kong. Yes, it was as silly as it sounds, but quite amusing in spots and my opinion was helped by other actor faves in it such as Brian Cox and Peter Dinklage, who all looked like they had a blast. Released worldwide in July 2015.

Sean starred in a supporting role as Flight Director Mitch Henderson in this thrilling and unexpectedly funny science fiction movie by Ridley Scott, about a man unknowingly left behind on an aborted Mars mission. Matt Damon is also excellent in the lead role, I enjoyed it very much. Since it's worldwide release in October 2015, it's received many award nominations as one of the best movies of the year.


This was my fave of the year. Sean starred in the lead as John Marlott, an ex-95th Rifle and newly made London police investigator who finds an odd corpse that suggests the fictional Frankenstein and which leads him on a chase for a missing girl and a murderer who has committed multiple atrocities in the eyes of many people. I really loved how it intertwined William Blake, galvanism, and the history of UK law's Anatomy Act with Mary Shelley's famous book that was contemporary to this period.

The second, and apparently (as of this writing) final, series of Sean's Martin Odum, a super spy whose undercover aliases have become blurred in his mind from a severe accident during one of his assignments. After being accused of murder in the US (in Series 1), he fled to Europe to pursue more answers, and he did get them. Superb acting and supporting cast in a very gripping, tense, and realistic spy story, it was faithful to the spirit of the Legends book by Robert Littell that it was based upon.

Once again, thank you so much for your support in reading this blog & subscribing to our Facebook page for more frequent updates at https://www.facebook.com/nedstarkatrueking. We'll see what 2016 has for us fans in the next update here!!

Written by Donna DeBoer (@DRLDeBoer on Twitter)