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LEGENDS Episode 110 "Identity" Summary & Brief Review

Martin discovers that Verax may be plotting an assassination, led by a mysterious figure named John Cameron. When Martin gets kidnapped while investigating, he's shocked at what he discovers regarding his own identity. This season one finale becomes a race against time as Martin/DCO track Cameron and uncover their plans to infiltrate the US Government.

Episode opens with flashback to how Sonya helped Martin in 2004. When last we left off Sonya was in a bad way, but she made it to the hospital. Aiden Odum has kicked arse in this. He goes with Tony while Martin & Crystal compare notes. She tells him about Operation Raining Fire, Martin tells her that he was there in Iraq with Verax, and that he's not Martin.
Spiller briefs DCO, has them look for John Cameron, who he says is plotting a domestic terrorist action. Verax is indeed plotting, but they plan to pin their action on Martin Odum via Cameron. Martin & Tony examine the safe house guys, Maggie finds infra-red tattoos on them via camera. Martin has one too! Spiller coughs up the info that they are Verax employee numbers, and Maggie tracks one.
Martin, Crystal & Tony go to check out the employee apartment, find a bunch of sniper equipment. Then Martin gets a call from "John Cameron." Martin is still trying to make sense of how all this fits together in his own mystery. Tony has the money they found tracked. It is found to belong to a cash shipment to Iraq, and turns out that was stolen. Verax nothing but a bunch of damn thieves. The traced call from Cameron leads to another location. Just like bread crumbs. Martin is nabbed again, and this time it's Verax that gets him. Tony Rice is getting tired of the crap. He wants to know who Martin really is, but Crystal can't tell him because she really doesn't know either. 
Verax works Martin over and the truth regarding Verax finally comes out because Shaw, the CEO, can't keep quiet about it any longer. He is gathering info but also has to gloat about Martin being John Cameron. And finally Martin remembers it, and what happened. Shaw finished the job by doing a computer generated video of Martin that framed him for the murder of the FBI Director. Martin is left then to be picked up, the damage is already done. DCO knows it wasn't him but to no avail. They have made too many enemies. A Verax-friendly Senate Committee closes the DCO after inquiry. Spiller gets the Director job, which is what he wanted all along.
Martin Odum, blamed for the murder, is on the run. He still doesn't know who he really is, but at least he knows who his friends are.
So, a lot of the truth is now known, Verax Corporation has won this round, and the DCO paid the price of knowing too much information. But the overall war is still on. Does Martin remain Martin Odum, or need to be someone entirely new? Is he really MI6 or was that just another lie attached to a legend? WHO IS HE REALLY? I think there's enough questions still remaining for a Series 2! It's Martin Odum's mystery & Sean's stellar performance that kept me watching every week. I really like the supporting characters of Tony Rice, Maggie & Aiden Odum too, and hope to see more of them. I didn't much like them but Nelson Gates & Sonya turned out all right in the end, and they are still in the picture.

Again, here's the final S1 survey for LEGENDS, I wrote them a ton that I thought might help develop a Series 2 for Sean's highly complex & interesting character that I think has a lot of potential yet.


Written by Donna DeBoer (@DRLDeBoer on Twitter)

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LEGENDS Episode 109 "Wilderness of Mirrors" Summary & Brief Review

Martin escapes from the Saudi's interrogation only to learn that Sonya and Aiden have been kidnapped. In the process of tracking them down, he learns more about the connection between Verax, Arcadia and his own past. 

Martin was in a lot of trouble last we saw him as Sebastian Egan, he had been grabbed by the Saudis that his articles were targeting as being in collusion with Arcadia, corrupt. His objective was to find the true murderer of the Saudi prince & get Hami off the hook. Instead these guys were pummeling him to get him to admit he was an FBI agent & threatening to kill Sonya & Aiden if he didn't talk. That got Martin angry & desperate, in which he beat off & escaped his kidnappers.
Crystal & Tony find out that the bastards have taken Sonya & Aiden. Gates tells Martin, who has a present for DCO when he gets back. They use drastic tactics to get info out of the Saudi prisoner about Martin's family & identity, but he doesn't know. It's Maggie who uncovers the truth- Arcadia was bought by Verax, the government contractor that Dobson, Evans & McCombs had worked for in Iraq, and who had claimed that Martin did too. New target: Jason Shaw, former Green Beret, now Verax CEO. Martin confronts Gates & demands the truth, who tells him yes Martin did work for Verax & had been lying about his identity because of WITSEC, witness protection. Gates shows Martin the redacted file about Raining Fire, the disastrous Iraq operation of which he apparently was a part when he got hurt in 2004. Martin asks if his wife had been a part of it. Then he gets a text from Aiden. Smart kid!
Maggie tracks the cell signal & Martin, Crystal & Tony go off to rescue Sonya & Aiden. They do & put them in a safe house with Tony until Martin can get there. Crystal wants to know what's going on, but now Martin stalls her. DCO FBI bosses decide stuff that the agents don't agree with. Martin & Crystal go off in disgust. They want to know who leaked Martin's FBI identity. Crystal asks her father for info. Martin confronts the deputy FBI director Spiller. He tells Martin that Verax is rogue, bent on controlling government decisions, and shows Martin a photo that he says is John Cameron, their top agent. Martin eats it all up because he doesn't have reason to disbelieve Spiller. Yet.
John Cameron is supposed to know who Martin Odum really is. Therefore, Martin wants to find him. In the meantime, Verax is cleaning things up on their end, and they are coming after Martin next! He & Sonya do their best to hold them off but she gets hit. Martin tries to get her to come clean. She tells him that she was helping him in 2004 as a CIA agent & that he was MI6. WHAT??

That was an enormous amount of info to take in! What is Martin, or whoever he is, going to do now? How was he connected to Verax in Iraq? What sort of operation was Raining Fire? Will Sonya survive? Fortunately TNT decided not to make us wait & showed episode 10 immediately after. #DONTKILLSEANBEAN still going strong!!

Here's the final Series 1 survey for LEGENDS, the info from which I hope is used for a Series 2!!

Written by Donna DeBoer (@DRLDeBoer on Twitter)

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LEGENDS Episode 108 "Iconoclast" Summary & Brief Review

Martin stays in legend as journalist Sebastian Egan to exonerate Hani Jabril and find the real assassins of Prince Abdullah. DCO is forced to pursue the investigation "off book," ultimately leading Martin into his most dangerous stand off yet.

Both Martin & Hani Jabril are in a lot of trouble. A Saudi prince was assassinated on his watch & it now looks like Hani was framed for it by a State Department employee who was acting as an agent for an Arcadia oil rep who apparently works with the prince's cousin who wanted him dead. The DCO is being hit hard by it's superiors because this assassination of a Saudi national happened on US soil during their operation. They need to do something about this mess or get burned, and it's further complicated by Martin's FBI bureau status. Gates gets the go ahead to do whatever is needed to find out what really happened.
Martin isn't happy about having duped Hani as part of his undercover mission as Sebastian Egan, the journalist. She isn't happy about it either when she sees him as him and not Egan. Martin tells her that he won't let her get blamed. She doesn't believe him. Martin tells Gates he is really pissed off now.
Next, Martin & Tony are sent to investigate the apartment of the suspected real assassin. They find him dead with a bit of a hangup. Well, cripe! DCO uncovers some more info & Martin knows the dead government guy was likely killed by the same oil cartel people who killed the prince & wanted Hani dead as well. Maggie does a bit of a buzz over at Arcadia herself to get some more data on them.
With all the evidence looking like a conspiracy, Martin says it's time to pull out Sebastian Egan the journalist legend again, concoct a story to set up the conspirators... and use himself as bait. It's a really good story. Martin tells the State Department lawyer that his plan will work and... Egan gets nabbed. But the oil cartel isn't done yet. They know who Egan is... and show up at Martin's house!
WOW! Now that's a cliffhanger I didn't see coming! Quite a lot to resolve in next week's series 1 finale, which consists of the last 2 episodes 9 & 10. My biggest questions: Who is Martin Odum? What's Sonya & Gates got to do with it? Who killed McCombs, Dobson & the other Iraq war veteran? Does it have anything to do with Martin's "real" identity? Very glad to see Tony Rice & Martin paired again, I think they make a great team. Still not too fond of the Egan legend but it has served it's purpose, the power of the press! And I really like Maggie, she's been kickass with the technical & computer support. All coming to a head next week but really, all I ask is #DONTKILLSEANBEAN!!

Written by Donna DeBoer (@DRLDeBoer on Twitter)