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LEGENDS Episode 107 "Quicksand" Summary & Brief Review

Martin returns to DCO after the events in Houston and is presented with a brand new case: someone is threatening to assassinate a Saudi Prince during a visit to Los Angeles. The investigation leads Martin and Rice to a beautiful and charismatic female rights activist named Hani Jabril. Her cause is just but will she cross the line and kill for it?

The episode opens with a dude testing a drone for nefarious purposes. At DCO, Martin is being grilled by his bosses for his "rogue" adventure which took him to Houston to seek answers to his own problem. He wasn't happy with the interrogation, or that the conclusion of his adventure had robbed him of another source. Crystal wasn't happy either. And Martin didn't like boss "friend" Gates telling him that the Iraq photo was doctored to put him in it, Gates all the while insisting that his & Sonya's story about Martin was the true one. It's a strong persuasive argument.
Despite reprimand, Martin & his legend is needed for another case, protection detail for a Saudi prince who is threatened because of his government's policy. He is teamed with new DCO member Tony Rice for surveillance, and they were surprised to find out that a clandestine dropoff contact is prominent human/female rights activist Hani Jabril. Later they take a closer look at her apartment for clues & find a peeping tom with diplomatic immunity. Martin isn't amused.
Martin decides that his fave legend Sebastian Egan, a scotch-drinking underground journalist, is what's needed to dig deeper to find out what's going on. Martin/Sebastian and Tony posing as a photographer have a closer look at Hani Jabril first through one of her speeches then at a reception afterward, feeling her out. They next find out she is supposed to be at a protest where the prince is going for his own summit, and finagle a come-along in guise of doing publicity for her documentary film. The prince's people don't suspect anything, a drone is deployed, and the episode ends on a rather explosive note for the prince.

I was definitely not OK with seeing a human/woman rights activist collude with those resorting to violence to send a message. I hope this was a mis-perception as violence never solves anything. I know Martin's latest legend Sebastian Egan is the fave of both Sean & character Martin but beyond drinking scotch, I'm not too impressed yet. I assume this episode was a cliffhanger & the real story will be revealed next week. The thing I DID love was pairing Tony Rice with Martin, I think they make a great team! Plus Tony will learn more about Martin, hopefully to fit pieces into his murder case & the underlying identity mystery. Don't trust Gates or Sonya and #DONTKILLSEANBEAN!!

Written by Donna DeBoer (@DRLDeBoer on Twitter)

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LEGENDS Episode 106 "Gauntlet" Summary & Brief Review

Martin takes Kyle Dobson into custody in the aftermath of a shoot-out with the smuggling crew. But when Dobson is wounded, Martin is forced to get him medical attention at a Houston Hospital. Dobson's mysterious employers, The Verax Corporation, send a team of professional hitmen to retrieve Dobson, forcing Martin to take his prisoner on the run in a frantic escape back to Los Angeles.

Len: "I don't have to win. I just have to survive."
When last we left off, Dobson & Martin/Len, in Houston, were trying to get away from a shootout at the garage where he had found Kyle Dobson, a man whom he thought might tell him what in hell was going on with his identity & past memories. Unfortunately Dobson was hit by a bullet and so Martin/Len had to go back to being Martin the FBI agent in order to help this guy & to try to get some answers out of him. They dodged pursuit and he questioned Dobson the whole way to the hospital but didn't get any solid answers.
In the hospital some more undercover people enter the fray, agents of this new player The Verax Corporation, for whom Dobson works. They tell him that Martin's prying is going to blow their operation. Dobson agrees but what can he do while injured? They try to thwart Martin but he fights them off, retrieves Dobson & they go on the road again, told by his boss Gates that the Austin TX FBI office would be safe.
But... the stolen car breaks down! Now Martin is forced to hole up in an abandoned house in the middle of some oil wells & hope that help comes before the Verax squad catches them up. Martin prepares for the siege & hopes it's enough, between badgering Dobson further with questions. He's still hurt & gives reluctant, dodgy answers. Verax attacks and Martin deals with it, but despite his best effort he loses Dobson and his answers in the fight. Another dead end.
Back at the Los Angeles DCO ranch, all kinds of hotfootin' going on. DCO now has Tony Rice & his investigation into McCombs' murder, which through Evans' death is now connected to a high level secret 2004 operation in Iraq called Raining Fire that Martin also discovered. Tony ends up sent with Crystal to Houston to fetch Martin. Maggie tells Gates about helping Martin. Gates also meets with Sonya, and now it looks like they are in cahoots with whoever is trying to cover up who Martin really is. Sonofabitch!
On twitter the Legends writers said this episode was shot like a classic western; my reply was that it was more like a spaghetti western, but I meant that in a good way as some of those films are my faves! Len Barlow is definitely my fave Martin legend so far, Sean played this to the hilt & I imagine it was great fun for him. Was Martin working for Verax too? Glad to see more of Tony Rice included, still hoping he gets a promotion to DCO. And another new player to Martin's mystery even as he loses another! Looks like a brand new legend for Martin next week. Keep it coming but #DONTKILLSEANBEAN!!

If you saw this episode of LEGENDS on TNT & liked it, please let them know what you thought in Survey #5: https://www.tvinnercircle.com/S.aspx?s=525&r=NPskDJ9b_UKihSq7U1YWng&a=976&fromdetect=1

This time they ask you to write about Sonya in detail. I told em. :)

Written by Donna DeBoer (@DRLDeBoer on Twitter)

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LEGENDS Episode 105 "Rogue" Summary & Brief Review

Martin is put on leave after the confrontation with The Colonel. He begins looking into his own past and The Stranger's assertion that "Martin Odum" is a legend. This off-book investigation leads him to a mysterious smuggler in Houston named Kyle Dobson, who may have the answers he needs. Martin assumes the legend of a Southern outlaw named Len Barlow in order to infiltrate the smuggling operation and get close to Dobson.

The episode opens with Martin back on the FBI psychiatrist's couch, another debrief after a blown operation. How many more of these can Martin do without cracking? Has he already cracked? Martin is tired of the questions, and after being told to take a break from work, decides to continue pursuing his own problem. Why the nightmares? Why the memory losses?
Sonya shows up to have a chat & eat a meal with him. Martin finds that he likes it, but still more questions are raised when Sonya tells him about the care accident that left him in a coma for awhile.
Whilst doing research on this, Martin remembers he got a book from the dying vet Robert McCombs, the one who told him he wasn't Martin. He looks for clues and finds some page numbers marked which he gives to Maggie for investigation. She comes back with a list but it's obvious it's a phone number. Martin remembers what happened to Bobby, tells her very strongly to watch out.
Martin investigates the phone number owner, Dennis Evans. He is scared that Martin found him, doesn't want to talk but Martin pries out info, along with a damning photo of him & McCombs & this guy in Iraq, same time as the car accident. Is this right? Evans insists their problem is a cover up. He tells Martin to look for Kyle Dodson. Maggie gets Martin a few bits of info, enough to jog a bit of memory, and investigate.
Martin needs to assume an old legend, Texas cowboy Len Barlow, in order to find this Dodson. Maggie sets documentation up for him, and Martin/Len goes to Houston to follow up the lead. There he meets another old contact, and they troll a bar, connect with the guy's girlfriend who takes Len where he wants to go, see a lot of stuff there. But of course there's a bit of a hitch...
In the meantime, Tony Rice is still at his investigation into McCombs' death. He now hits up Crystal, whom he convinces that looking further into Martin's involvement is a good idea. They pursue some new angles, but there's a problem when they arrive at Evans' house after Martin. They have a look at Martin's apartment and discovers he's using the Barlow legend. Gone rogue.
Len: "I never lost a gunfight for lack of shooting."
I thought I liked Dante best but new legend Len Barlow ups that ante! Sean doing a Texas cowboy! This was terrific, this is what I was hoping the main push of the series would be, to Martin & who he might or might not be. I like Tony Rice & the cases in order to see new legends but it's almost a distraction. I liked Maggie a lot better this time. With Sonya Odum, some of my suspicions were confirmed by this episode, and I hope this tale keeps being chased!
The writers on twitter @LegendsWriters made a jest that included something about a 2nd series, I hope this is going to be true!

Written by Donna DeBoer (@DRLDeBoer on Twitter)

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LEGENDS Episode 104 "Betrayal" Summary & Brief Review

The Colonel and Ana Paulanos are captured by DCO when they sell Martin a briefcase of VX that turns out to be bogus. In response, one of The Colonel's followers releases real VX on a crowded bus, threatening more attacks if The Colonel and Ana aren't released. As a last resort, Martin stages a pulse-pounding "false flag" prison break of The Colonel and, with Ana's help, forces The Colonel to lead him to the VX. Time will tell whether Martin can trust Ana to betray The Colonel and help him find all the gas before more civilians are killed.



Martin as Dante Auerbach was in a tight spot last time we saw him, about to poison one of Colonel Yuri's henchmen. If he wants to make this deal & arrest the bad, Martin/Dante must do it. It was good to see that he had a problem with this later. He makes the deal. The former Russian chemist tells DCO how much he made. They are appalled. Ana asks Yuri if he knew about the warehouse. He says yes, he knows that the FBI knows. Dante is driven back to his apartment. Crystal admits that she was wrong about Martin. Ana shows up at the apartment.
The deal for the VX gas goes down at a park, but it's blown from both sides, fake money & fake gas in the canisters. Yuri & Ana are arrested & questioned. Then the FBI find out that the real gas was released on a public bus, with very bad results. This can't happen again so they try to figure out what to do with Yuri. With some digging they get info about Ana's relationship with Yuri & hope to use that.
The FBI springs it's plan with Martin/Dante again, who pretends to break Yuri & Ana out of custody & flies them away in a helicopter. He roughly questions Yuri himself, to get the info needed to find the VX gas & stop any further attacks. But Yuri has one more trick up his sleeve when they all get to the bank vault. A 3-way standoff between Dante, Yuri & Ana ends up with 2 of them shot & it's not Martin.
In the other storyline having to do with who Martin is, Tony Rice tells his boss that he still thinks there's something weird going on, but later looks at evidence & gets the truth from one of the vet McCombs's buddies, that a woman killed him, not Martin, but Martin was there.
I like the Dante legend but I didn't much like the murder of Yuri's man, at least Martin had an issue with it, you could clearly see he was unhappy when making his report, and he also had a bout of panic after the bit with Yuri & Ana ended. I think he really liked Ana, but who did, Martin or Dante? I also hope this isn't the end of Tony Rice, I think it would be cool to put him in the DCO to work with Martin. Guess we start a new storyline next week, this one seemed pretty well wrapped. Who will Martin get to be next? Just #DONTKILLSEANBEAN!!

If you saw this episode of LEGENDS on TNT & liked it, please let them know what you thought in Survey #4: https://www.tvinnercircle.com/S.aspx?s=522&r=_l983R3s1k.Ta3aVc1Wszg&a=972&fromdetect=1
More questions about feeling for show, characters etc. The writers on Twitter @LegendsWriters are also asking, which leads me to think a 2nd series is seriously being considered!

Written by Donna DeBoer (@DRLDeBoer on Twitter)